how KJ landed in Rembau

This guy really lives up to his seat as an MP of Rembau, why?

beats me…i was wondering too, of all the places in Malaysia and with so many UMNO strong holds, this Oxford guys chooses Rembau.

Rembau is a small Malay remote kampung in between Seremban and Tampin a few kilometres south of KL. Basically it is a small “pekan” in malay and most of the villages there are mainly farmers and some SMI’s there with labour intensive manufacturing facilities. One could easily encounter with water buffaloes (kerbau in malay) along the main road anytime of day.

Unlike in major towns and cities during the weekends as nightfalls, we tend to encounters with a new breed of so called Mat Rempits (motocycle gangs in Malaysia) compared to kerbas we saw in the “pekans or kampungs” at the outskirts of town. And i beats me too on why this MP would like to group in this Mat Rempits as their youth members or maybe it’s for whatever reasons only known by this politicians.

As for me i think maybe it’s to link it with the place called Rembau, which is has to do with “REM” as in REMPIT and “BAU” as in KERBAU.

And boy, this Oxford boy is really a genius afterall as i would say. Cleverly linked the Rempits to the Kerbaus thus the place is called Rembau.

In short, i think that Rembau means Rempit and Kerbau which spells danger to innocent people like me living in fear and will be easy targets for them to be bullied, robbed and so were even raped by them.


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