Why the police cannot trace RPK?

It’s been almost more or less one and half years since RPK dissapeared from the PDRM’s radar screen. Rumours have been strong when it was first reported discovering RPK in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, the police comes out empty handed with the furious IGP scratching head and balls every now and then, shouting orders to his SBs (Special Branch Baruas) to locate the actual hide out of this “fugitive”.

Late last year, something exciting crops up and it is make known by the IGP that RPK was indeed in London, holding up in and apartment which belongs to his one time closed associate. Some idiots by the name of GAP even screamed in some blogs that thats true and was hoping for the police to round up and arrest RPK.

To my surprise, the reason why the SBs always loose track of RPK was as below after looking at the picture of RPK with all his secret service agent, i know the real reason.

You see, everytime the SBs caught up, they will be ended in bed with one of those agents and RPK will take his own sweet time to move out. So until today nobody can tell you exactly where the hell RPK was…..hi hi hi.

hats off to you RPK…..hi hi hi


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