From lawmakers to frogs!

Humans are humans but some prefer to amphibians when it comes to power and greed. Like the saying goes  “to err is human”.

Humans do make mistakes and can be rectified but frogs???

Below are the names of famous humans lawmaker traitors transformed to FROGS in Malaysia.

  1. Ibrahim Ali – Pasir Mas – umno to PAS to umno – King of Frogs.
  2. Hee Yit Foong – Jelapang – DAP’s only and only Crippled she-Frog.
  3. Jamaludin Radzi – Behrang – PKR
  4. Mohd. Osman – Changkat Jering – PKR
  5. Badrul Hisham – Port Klang – PKR
  6. Zahrain – Bayan Baru Penang MP – PKR
  7. Fairus – Ex-DCM1, Ex-ADUN Penanti – PKR to umno
  8. Tan Tee Beng – Nibond Tebal MP – PKR

this one's for you FROGIES!!!

Let’s see if the “money” they “earned” by betraying the voters who voted them as lawmakers last longer or the bad name they earned for being a traitor lives longer?


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