Nibong Tebal frog resigns !!!

MP for Nibong Tebal resigns from PKR this morning but still remains as an independent MP of Nibong Tebal just after celebrating the Chinese Chap Goh Meh last nite. Early last month just before the CNY, RM2 MP of Bayan Baru resigns from PKR after much pressure from PR’s supporters but he went for the failed US trip with the 3 stooges from umno when 2 were reported MIA thus leaving Nazri to continued with his lyings in Washington DC. It is also reported that a would be frog from PKR from Wangsa Maju were there too just for the clapping which did not occur. Only JJ clap when Nazri finished his premature speech….Malaysia Boleh!

Former DCM1 of Penang Fairus have resigned from PKR during a seminar in KL which was also the umno PM’s opening speech, what coincident.

PKR’s frogs which have left the party since 308 as below:

– Bota
– Changkat Jering
– Behrang
– Port Klang
– Bayan Baru
– Ex-ADUN Penanti
– Nibong Tebal

frogs-to-be :

– Kulim, highly recomended.
– Wangsa Maju, very soon.
– Kelana Jaya, refused to admit.
– Balik Pulau, deny to admit.

Well, PKR, please get your spring cleaning done as soon as possible and screened your future candidates inside out before they betrayed the Rakyat who voted them in again.


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