Malaysian Maverick by Barry Wain

Million thanks to Barry Wain

Stumbled upon this scanned book by Barry Wain, hope it is of interest to poor Malaysians whom are blocked by certain people of no interest at all to help this country to strive or recover back her loses.

Thanks to those who have taken the trouble to scan and published this book, hopefully with the approval from Barry for poor Malaysians to read why they have been left with this situation by the long governing body.

To Mahathir – If you did no wrong to the country, let the rakyat judge the truth by themselves.

To Kerishamuddin, the third-rate home minister – Have some gut: either ban the book or let it go. Don’t be lawless yourself and taint the good name of your father.

The Malaysian government has not banned the book but it withheld hundreds of copies of the book before it can hit the bookshops, Malaysian people are deprived of the freedom to learn the truth of the Mahathir years. We therefore make the scanned copy of the book available here, to overcome the underhand tactic of the UMNO-BN government. This is clearly a loss of income to the respectable author, Barry Wain. Therefore only low-quality scanned copy is made available. If you can afford it, please purchase your copy from Singapore orAmazon. Thank you.

Sorry guys, this link have been removed. Too late !!!


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