10 days to go for Najis 1st year anniversary.

Yep, 10 more days to the umno’s Peem’s 1st year anniversary ( Cho Kee – in Hokkien ) which also coincides with the Chinese “Cheng Beng” or All souls day.

Shops specialises in prayer paraphernalia will be looking forward to a brisk business as many Chinese will be paying a visit to the graves of their lost ones and burning paper effigies of modern house holds like giant LCD TVs,  laptops, electrical goods and last week i even saw one with a complete mahjong set with tables and chairs, air-conds ( as you know we are facing a very hot weather here now ) and new electronic gadgets.

i’m still wondering if there is any shops selling “submarines” or Jet engines?

waiting for it's rightful owner to claim soon.

The ones in the about picture have been sponsored by kerajaanrakyat.blogspot.com for the various Bee End parties fully equiped with heater to help the rotting process faster and cleaner even before the maggots arrived.

Hope this will be the 1st and the last of the umno Peem’s “cho kee” anniversary as they have been turning Malaysia into a circus ring here with all his clowns giving Malaysia a bad image to the rest of the World !

How the Chinese paying respect to their loved ones in Penang.

Read more here.


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