News Not shown on TV in Malaysia.

Even the skies are crying during this hot and dry weather.

What a beautiful morning when they wake up just now in Kg Denai, Kempas, Johore, this morning but they were left in a daze and didn’t know where to sleep tonight.

“Peole First, Performance now” , “Juara Rakyat”, “Pejuang Melayu”, “Hak Melayu”, “Jangan cabar HAK Melayu”,…etc, etc,etc…..but those who shouted all these are NOWHERE to be seen here in this kampung.

Immediately after their houses were demolished by the government they voted for, rain started to pour and the poor villagers are left there soaking wet. Some are even seen crying in the rain.

Below are some pictures taken from the scene before the skies cried.

Surau Kg Denai

Demolishing starts after the Electrical supply was cut.

Here we go, men at work!

"People's house First, Performance NOW"

Some of them even voted BN/UMNO, too late to cry now!

What's in store for their future?

As usual, this type of news does NOT appear on TV  in Malaysia.

Below are some comments taken from the families involved.

The first story: i asked a malay wonam ” moving out today ke, kak .. she answer “ya dik, waitingfor time  je, dik …did you hear heavy machinery rumble … . while picking items in her house …

half an hour later when I’m there again .. the house she already occupied more than 20 years was in ruins .. we could only see her tears rolling down while she cries .. her children’s cries were increasingly loud …but those “pejuang2 melayu” are enjoying their hi-tea from 5 stars hotel in the city couldn’t just hear them.

The 2nd story :A housewifetries to salvage some items from her home .. but her husband forbade and said .. ‘dah la,leave those things behind .. firstly, we came empty, we built it up with our empty hands’ .. now we leave empty..wife burst into tears .

The 3rd story: A malay boy ask his father after his house was destroyed father “Malam ni kita tidur kat mana ….”..” kat sini la” .. said the father-in chaotic conditions and finally said “we submit to Allah for this reward .. for voting them to present us with this?”

So afterall, the Kampung Buah Pala guys are better off and luckier than them!!!


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