Captain??? U did an U-Turn !!!

This is your Captain speaking, we are making an U-Turn and are heading back home instead, as i have a lousy feeling that it’s better not to go anywhere at this moment. Please fasten your seat belts as we are landing shortly.

Thank you for all the bashings i get from many MT commentators.

Wow, that was a quick response and a fast U-Turn, how i wish our civil service can be as prompt and as efficient as him.

I’m not going to waste too much time here on this “captain” or whatever he claims he is or was, you guys can read his reply from here whereby he attached a letter which he wrote to the MACC (former ACA) about his former employer.

I do not know of any Airlines Pilot who behaves like this, normally pilots of commercial airlines are well groomed, humble and polite. I’ve once drank with some pilots with ex-MAPA (Malaysia Airlines Pilot’s Association) President and i found them to be polite and behaves very gentlemanly, unlike this one. Some commentators said maybe he was a restaurant “captain”, sounds kind of funny….hi hi.

Most of us might be wonder why? why the sudden out cry? why DAP? why now? why not MBPJ? why not complain in the newspaper? why? why? why?

  • Was he paid to do so?
  • or is it to gain some quick and cheap publicity?
  • Is he highly intoxicated when he wrote this complain?
  • Did he write this under duress?
  • Is he all stressed up because of his court case with MAS?

Well many was still wondering, why? Anyway, i hope this guy does not run amok. We do not want a “Nine Eleven” to happen here, do we?


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