I am a macha

let’s hear this song first….ok, it’s not an April fools joke!

then enjoy this comment below about macha or mamak….

“ini umat punya belit, bapak ular sawa pun boleh kalah”

u tak percaya?

u makan kat kedai umat ni

u mintak kira 1 kali = RM17.80

u suruh kira 1 kali lagi = RM12.30
u suruh kira pakai kalkulator = RM9.60 daaa!

u tak percaya lagi?
u tangkap sorang umat ni kat kedai
u suruh baca sahadah
u tengok apa umat ni baca
dia baca rukun negara dia daaa!

ka ka ka ka…..frankly speaking, i’ve tried that before.

One afternoon with 3 of my friends, we were having nasi kandar at one of the famous shop in town (that was when i did not boycott the nasi kandar yet) way back in the late 90s before that racist calls me a “pendatang”. After when we finish everybody was fighting to pay for the wonderful lunch we had and the indian guy came and started mumbling in Tamil and say RM48.50 we were stunt.

So we waited for a while to finish our drinks and another guy was call to calculated the damage we had, now this guy says RM42.20 that raises our eyebrow. We said OK lets finish all of our drinks first, finally we ask another guy to check our bill and this guys after pressing a few buttons on his calculator comes up to RM38.00 nett.

So by being patient and not angry we save almost RM10 for lunch, don’t believe me ka? well, you can try it out yourself. If not just ask any waiters at the mamak shops to read a phrase from the Quran…..ha ha ha.


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