Perkasa : Pejuang Bangsa dan Agama???

They say a picture tells a Thousand words, so i’m going to write the least i can here and i shall leave the rest of the thinking to you.

watch this video first then see the pictures below.

Those with the Red Head band, are they Students, Gangsters or suicide bombers?

Husband & wife team, wira Perkasa Arman Azha and wife (without head gear) or "tudung", warrior of Malay rights and Islam in a night out in Town.

They gave an MCA and a Gerakan rep the 48 hours from since last Friday to apologise to them in a very aggressive manner and i thought we will be seeing a very fierce showdown this week but sad to say, those warriors chicken out and finally decided to buy this book and handed it to them for reading, since they understand that the MCA & Gerakan guys does not understand the “Perlembagaan Negara”……ha ha ha.

And they also have the guts to say, they set up this donation drive to collect money to buy the books to be distributed later. Why a donation drive? or is this just a gimmick from them just to collect “donations”???

You be the Judge !!!


One Response to “Perkasa : Pejuang Bangsa dan Agama???”

  1. motherchell Says:

    Hello Storm, Great post !!
    Wonderful and glad to hear from you in the MT comments . Its been a sabbatical i presume. Wish you good health and lots of cheer.
    Take care .
    Much regards.

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