Zaid’s effigy set on fire outside PKR HQ

A group representatives from Malay NGOs torched an effigy of Zaid Ibrahim in front of the PKR headquarters today in protest of the opposition politician’s alleged “treason against the state”.

A heated argument ensued when the group members verbally sparred with PKR staff members who peered out of their office windows.

Another argument ensued when a woman emerged from the PKR headquarters to rebut the demonstrator’s allegations. Her party colleagues later separated her from the crowd.

Among groups represented at the demonstration today were Perkasa, Majlis Gabungan NGO Pembela Negara (Magaran), Gabungan Graduan Melayu Muda (GGMM) and the Barisan Bertindak Penduduk Seksyen 23 Shah Alam, who gained infamy for the ‘cow head demo’.

The demonstration ended with the protesters burning an effigy of Zaid and after presenting their memo to a PKR representative.

Camera: Amir Abdullah
Editing: Indrani Kopal

I wonder if they have a police permit for this demo? Burning of effigies are a culture of ApNO (read as umno)? where are the police? i thought there’s a police station somewhere around this area? That guy wearing a “high” songkok looks very familiar lately, didn’t he?

Let’s see if this incident is reported by the MSM or shown on TV news.

Where were this guys when the police stormed the Kelantan Royalties a few days ago?

Well, we’ll wait and see what the Home Minister have to say about this!


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