You help me, I help you.

I rewind and listen to this 3 times because i didn’t believe this words are coming out from the mouth of a Prime Minister during a campaign at the latest By-Election in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Never in the history of Malaysia have a PM said these corruptious words in public and challenge the People to give him what he wants and in return approving millions of dollars for development in their constitutions.

Is he above the Law or is it that he doesn’t know the Laws in Malaysia?

Questions to be answered….

  1. What does the EC going to do about this?
  2. Will the MACC investigate this even if a report was lodged?
  3. What would have happened if he’s an opposition leader?

The coalition parties from BN are so numb about this and also all the Malay NGOs, does that means they supported this too?


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