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I swear, you swear, he swear, what if everybody swore?

July 30, 2010

I swear.

I love this song from All 4 One….enjoy this song before we go further.

then see the pictures below and visualise you are in their shoes.

Father & son? The father left him when he is still young.

On 15th August 2008, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan swore on the Quran at the Federal Territory Mosque in Kuala Lumpur that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomised him.

Just before the Permatang Pauh election, on August 22 2008, PM Najib was reported by media of swearing at the Guar Perahu mosque that he did not know the Mongolian lady.

The Submarine buyer

The translator for submarine purchase.

Remember Najis lied about meeting Saifool at his home?

Under investigation by the French police

Coincidently both have swore in a Mosque. One swore that he did not even met Altantuya, the translator for the submarine purchase and the other swore he was sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar in sodomy#2 when the Mamak from Kerala have admitted he was the engineer for sodomy#1 on Anwar 10 years ago.

Now what if the 2 body guards of Najis who were sentence to death swore in a Mosque that they are merely scapegoats and carrying out their orders? They have no intention and no motive to kill this translator. Will they be pardoned and set free?

What if a suspected murderer, say a Chinese were to swear in a Chinese temple or an Indian were to swear in an Indian temple, will they be treated the same as those who swore in a Mosque?

You be the Judge.


Farah (photo) dropped from sodomy2.

July 28, 2010

Poor Farah Azlina Latif

(AFP) – In a sensational twist in Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial, a prosecutor has been dropped after being accused of having an affair with the star witness.

Defence lawyers said the surprise move bolstered its claim that Anwar, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed on separate sex and corruption counts a decade ago, is the victim of a political conspiracy. The prosecution said it was dropping Farah Azlina Latif from its team in the ongoing trial, following claims she was romantically involved with Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 25, who has accused Anwar of sodomising him.

‘This can be very difficult for us but any personal matter, if it can have any implication in whatever form… will be handled very seriously,’ attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail told state media late on Tuesday. ‘This move is also to ensure that the smooth running of the case is not affected,’ the government’s top lawyer said, without specifying whether or not the claims were true.

An official at the attorney-general’s office confirmed his comments to AFP, and said that Farah Azlina would also be transferred to another department. The defence said it had sought an official explanation from the prosecution after a leading Malaysian political blogger said on his website that the lawyer was in a sexual relationship with Saiful, who has a fiancee.

Janna Mohd Zaki

‘The implications are serious,’ Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair told AFP on Wednesday. ‘There is a perception that Saiful could have been given access to confidential information of the trial and that would compromise the integrity of the prosecution,’ he said.

Mr Sankara said the development strengthened claims that there was a conspiracy against Anwar, after Saiful testified that he met with high-profile individuals including Prime Minister Najib Razak before lodging his complaint. The attorney-general however said that Farah Azlina, one of eight prosecutors in the Anwar case, had no access to confidential information. The sodomy trial, which began in February and has been punctuated by lengthy delays, is set to resume on August 2 for a one-month session.

DPP Farah Azlina

Poor young lady, Farah’s carrier have been destroyed by a “drop-out” and sodomy2 actor Saiful Baukari ArseLan. Same for Saiful’s ex-fiance Janna Mohd Zaki. Both young ladies are victim of greedy and corrupted politicians and justice in Malaysia have been robbed long time ago even before the famous correct,correct,correct VK Lingam……what a shame.

Cow head demo fined RM1000….how much if it’s a Pig head?

July 27, 2010

I suddenly have my blood temperature rising after reading this in Malaysia Today and The Malaysian Insider.

The Dirty Dozen Cowheads :

  1. Ahmad Mahayuddin Abd Manaf, 36
  2. Ibrahim Sabri, 42
  3. Eyzva Ezhar Ramly, 31
  4. Mohd Azmir Mohd Zain,35
  5. Ahmad Suhairi Zakaria, 30
  6. Mohd Hilmi Ni, 40
  7. Jainudin @ Zainudin Md Yusuff, 67
  8. Mohd. Jurit Ramli, 39
  9. Mohammad Nordin Zakaria, 56
  10. Jamil Mohamad Isa, 40
  11. Rahimuddin Md. Harun, 39
  12. Azhari Shaari, 39.

By Dina Zaman, The Malaysian Insider

As a Muslim and Malaysian, I feel ashamed and very sad. I also know by my self-imposed campaign to tell any and everyone that Islam is a religion of peace and justice may be met with great cynicism by non-Muslims.

JULY 27 — Eyzva Ezhar Ramly’s one week imprisonment for being part of the cow-head protest last year is a slap on the wrist, for him and others who were also part of the protest. Four others were discharged after they pleaded not guilty to the charges and when the deputy public prosecutor decided not to press any further against them.

this boy escaped?

This, unfortunately, tells us Malaysians this: you can commit a crime, disrupt peace and harmony in this country, and get away with very minimal punishment. And sadly, this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

Read more here…

Just a rm1000 fine? shit, i’m paying more than this for speeding at the highways or more interest when i delayed in my loans or credit cards.

It really makes me feel like carrying and stepping on a pig head in front of the PWTC and just pay the fine of rm1000 and at least i feel better and satisfied this way.

how much will this cost?

I wonder how much will it cost me if i were to carry and stepped on a Pig head like this in Malaysia?

Maybe the judge can help me on this?

“Saya seorang mufti, saya tak bohong”.

July 26, 2010

Another lie from umno friendly “Mufti”

One might be wondering why a “Mufti” was decorated with a “Tan Sri” title?……is he a politician?…… and how come this “Mufti” has not performed his  ‘Haj” yet……you think about it.

Perak Mufti betrayed his profession, says PKR

Punishment for LIARs

LINGGI, July 25 — PKR has accused Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria of failing to be true to his profession, saying that he was more of a politician than a cleric.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution said the religious scholar’s credibility and piety was questionable, claiming he had failed to show respect towards his own knowledge on Islam.

“Where was the voice of this mufti when (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) was attacked with false and defamatory allegations? Why did he not do justice to the knowledge that he had learned as a religious scholar?” the Machang MP said during a ceramah at Kampung Linggi here last night.

Saifuddin was attacking Harussani for allegedly playing politics when he went on a crusade on behalf of Umno to court PAS and claimed he had played the role of mediator in unity talks between the two parties.

“He can talk now but where was he when Anwar was wrongfully accused of ‘zina’ (wrongful sex act). Does he not know that in the Quran, a Muslim should reject any act of defaming or accusing a fellow Muslim brother of committing ‘zina’ without producing four witnesses who had seen this act being carried out with their own eyes.

“I am sure the mufti knows of this law but where was he when this accusation was made against Anwar?” Saifuddin said.

He further slammed Harussani for betraying his own professional integrity when he failed to speak out against the many “corrupt” practices by Umno and the Barisan Nasional.

“He (Harussani) was then a datuk and now he is a tan sri. So when Umno’s commits corruption, when there is obvious mismanagement of the country, when the nation’s riches are squandered away to fill the bellies of our politicians, where was his voice? It was not there,” he said.

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PI Bala’s lawyers issue challenge to critics

July 25, 2010

Just in case you people miss it, this video is a must view and should be forwarded to all and abroad.


This video was taken at the Press Conference yesterday held by Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh Sidhu and Americk Singh Sidhu in the conference room of the Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel at 10, Jalan Semantan, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur at 4.00pm on Saturday, 24th July 2010.

Read more here.

Another LIE by Bernama or DPM?

July 25, 2010

GEORGE TOWN, July 24 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has accepted in good faith the reproach from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin over his attack on state development officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunus.
“I accept the message from the prime minister and deputy prime minister…I thank them for the message,” he said after officiating at the Family Day of the Penang Development Corporation, here, today.

Najib said yesterday that the Cabinet could not accept Lim’s action of hitting out at Nik Ali to the extent of tarnishing the image of the federal officer.

He said as Chief Minister, Lim should be tactful when reprimanding officers over issues and should do it behind closed doors.

The spat between Lim and Nik Ali came out in the open after the Chief Minister made unsavoury remarks about the SDO on a number of occasions. —Bernama

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng

LGE confirmed in his Facebook that Bernama have twisted his speech here.

CM Lim Guan Eng : Genting gd 4hailam chicken rice too.Juz got msg dat bernama twisted my Press Conf on Nik Ali issue 2say that I accept the PM’s reprimand☹
10 hours ago via Smart Twitter for Pages ·  · 

Anuar Shaari, the LIAR….chicken out when challenged!

July 25, 2010

Another “fitnah” by UMNO cronies.

The Coward & Liar Anuar Shaari.

Former private secretary to PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Anuar Shaari, in a press conference today urged the three lawyers of private investigator, PI P.Balasubramaniam to immediately report their income status to the Inland Revenue Malaysia and confirm their declarations.

Anuar (pic) said the roles of Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh Sidhu and Americk Singh Sidhu as lawyers are really in doubt regards to their actions lately.

According to Anuar, Manjeet has repeatedly persuaded and made offers to Datuk Nallakarupan to befriend and support Anwar. He also claimed that Manjeet had represented Balasubramaniam when the latter invited Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to London to take his statement.

He added that the three lawyers also accompanied Balasubramaniam to Paris to take a statement by the French authorities.

“It is really a big question since the public already know that Balasubramaniam is unable to survive even in Malaysia and it is impossible for him to pay the legal cost to the famous lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon,” he said.

Anuar also questioned where the three lawyers obtained the money to help Balasubramaniam and, according to him, the answer will link them to his former superior Anwar.

“I just want them to clarify either it is yes or not since the public is seeking for their explanation,” he added.

He also queried on how much money Anwar had to spend in engaging the three solicitors to be lawyers and escort to Balasubramaniam in London.

Also present at the press conference is Perkasa activist Yusof Mahmud.

But when challenged by Bala’s 3 Lawyers….he chicken out.

Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh Sidhu and Americk Singh Sidhu are holding a press conference in the conference room of the Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel at 10, Jalan Semantan, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur at 4.00pm on Saturday, 24th July 2010.

The three lawyers have invited Anuar Shaari to attend the press conference to deal with the issues he raised and to produce his evidence of the wild allegations that he made yesterday (Read more here).

The Challengers.

“I challenge him. Show us what you have. You have nothing, Anuar Shaari, both in your hands and and in your head. I am calling him a liar. Anuar is a liar. He is rubbish and tell half-truths,” said the visibly upset senior counsel Manjeet Singh Dhillon.

See video here…

Malaysian Quote : If you don’t lie then you’re NOT APNO malay.

Sodomy 2 love affairs.

July 22, 2010

by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Farah Azlina Binti Latif, one of the Federal Counsels of the Trial Unit of the Attorney-General’s Chambers who is on the prosecution team in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 trial, is having an affair with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Saiful & Janna Mohd Zaki in happier days.

Okay, those are excerpts from the three articles. And the argument that I am putting forward is that the Sodomy 2 allegation, just like Sodomy 1, is a fabrication and part of a political conspiracy to neutralise Anwar.

But this is old news, you might say, you want to hear something new.

Okay, how about this then?

Farah Azlina Binti Latif, one of the Federal Counsels of the Trial Unit of the Attorney-General’s Chambers who is on the prosecution team in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 trial, is having an affair with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Yes, that’s right, Farah Azlina is bonking Saiful Bukhari. Have you ever heard of any other case anywhere else in the world where one of the prosecutors in bonking the key witness in what can be considered the most important trial in Malaysian political history?

Just when you thought Sodomy 2 is a most bizarre case it gets even more bizarre. I suppose, to save face, they might now have to say that Farah Azlina, Saiful Bukhari and Anwar Ibrahim were all in it together and that they indulged in group sex or orgies.

Let’s see what happens from hereon. Will Farah Azlina still be retained in the prosecution team? Who she bonks is her business. But since Saiful Bukhari is the man who is going to testify against Anwar, then this would be conflict of interest of the first degree.

read more here…

This so called “victim” of sodomy 2, Saiful can live life on a fast lane like a celebrity even till today as a jobless drop-out from UniTen and now involved in a love triangle here while the sodomy 2 case is still on in court.

as far as i know, he was brought up by in a broken family whereby his father left him with his aunt and jobless till today, leaves me wondering how the hell can he manage this life style of his in KL? Who’s sponsoring him?

source : malaysiatoday.

Sultan of Kelantan convoy ambushed.

July 20, 2010

First incident like this happens to Anwar then RPK and now…..the Sultan of Kelantan, is this “Derhaka” or what? or they forgot about the Rukun Negara….”Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara”

ambush or hijack?

KUALA LUMPUR: A video showing the Sultan of Kelantan Tuanku Ismail Petra Sultan Yahya Petra’s convoy being ambushed by armed balaclava-clad special operations force personnel has been obtained by FMT.

The short video clip, which was recorded by the sultan’s personal bodyguard, showed the sultan leaving their royal palace in an entourage of vehicles heading towards the airport in a Toyota Alphard.

Just after the sultan left the palace gate, a white police car, a Proton Perdana, came between the sultan’s car and that of the personal bodyguard.

As they were driving along, the entourage came to a standstill when the sultan was ambushed by cars from all sides of the road (1.10 minutes elapsed).

A grey Proton Waja is seen on the left while a silver Honda CRV on the right, all of which were carrying armed balaclava-clad special force personnel.

The police came out of their respective vehicles, pointing their guns at the sultan’s car and his personal bodyguard.

Conflicting statement
Last month, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a June 10 parliamentary reply to Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo that the group’s purpose was not to ambush the sulltan but to ensure maximum security for the sultan during his journey to the hospital.

However, Gobind said the video proved otherwise.

fingers on the trigger.

“The reply given by the minister is inaccurate, misleading, wholly unbelievable and clearly unacceptable. The video proves there was an ambush.

“It clearly shows that the armed men forcefully stopped the sultan (and those with him) and pointed their weapons at them,” he said.

Gobind added that the sultan’s entourage was escorted by the police from the palace and he was on his way to the airport at the time and not to any hospital in Kelantan.

The Puchong MP, who is one of the lawyers representing the sultan, demanded that Hishammuddin clears the air.

“I call upon the minister to explain why there are such glaring inaccuracies in his response as compared to the video.

“This strikes at the credibility of our home minister. Can we believe him? Should we believe him? If not, is he fit to be the home minister at all?” he added.

By Ken Vin Lek ~ FMT

Zahrain Pernah Minta Kontrak Pasir Dari Selangor Sebelum Melompat

July 18, 2010

Blatant Liar Zahrain

Zahrain, Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru, menjual obat di Parlimen kononnya Anwar mahu memecat Elizabeth Wong. Namun, tahukah anda, Zahrain yang sama pernah berjumpa Tan Sri Khalid untuk meminta kontrak pasir dari KSSB?
Yang hairannya, sudahlah si Zahrain ni tidak bermoral, anak lelaki Zahrain pun hendak diajar budaya korupsi ini. Ini kerana Zahrain telah bertemu Tan Sri MB bersama-sama anak lelaki beliau meminta kontrak pasir dari KSSB.

Tetapi Tan Sri menolak permintaan Zahrain dan anak lelaki beliau ini. Kiranya Tan Sri melayan permintaan Zahrain dan anak lelaki Zahrain ini, nescaya Zahrain tidak akan melompat UMNO seperti sekarang.

Saya juga mencabar Zahrain menafikan kisah ini, kalau dia benar-benar bersih.

Saudara/ri pembaca wajib sedar, Tan Sri diserang kiri dan kanan dalam isu pasir kerana Tan Sri tidak mahu melayan permintaan-permintaan yang datang seperti yang datang dari Zahrain ini.

Holy cow, how dare he even brought his son there, for what?…..To show his son how to negotiate a sand mining deal with the MB or to teach his son how to corrupt?

read more here…

Zahrain, you’re a blatant liar: Bala’s lawyer

Respected Lawyer Americk Sidhu

The war of words between Americk Sidhu, the lawyer for private eye P Balasubramaniam, and Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamed Hashim escalated today with the former PKR politician being called a “blatant liar”.

Zahrain, who left PKR to become an independent parliamentarian in February, had accused his former party of sponsoring blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin who has been living in self-imposed exile in London.

Last Wednesday, Zahrain said he had furnished the proof in the form of e-mail messages to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Aziz.

Zahrain has also said that Balasubramanian’s interview with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), even if it took place in London, would be fruitless as the private investigator’s revelation was scripted by his lawyers.

This has prompted an angry response the next day from Americk, who described the MP as a “dishonourable man”.

Yesterday, Zahrain retaliated and suggested that the furious reaction from Americk could be the result of the lawyer and Raja Petra feeling threatened by his revelation.

How can a blatant liar be an MP and speak on behalf of the People who voted him to Parliament? What is the KPI of this liar, Mr Koh Tsu Koon?

Read more here…

How to execute a blatant LIAR !