Of Paul Octopus and Paul Augtopus.

Ok guys and all you football fanatics out there. Let me tell you this conversation i had yesterday a few hours after Spain lifted the prestigious World Cup by beating Holland in extra time.


The FIFA world cup 2010 have just ended and many said the bookmakers are laughing all the way to the Bank this summer, while chatting in a bar with a Malaysian Chinese friend. Many punters are finding themselves richer since a couple of weeks ago thanks to all the correct predictions given by the Oracle Octopus named Paul, he says.

Some hard core Chinese punters told me you better believe it and they followed what Paul the Octopus tells them to bet on. Simple as Octo which coincidently means 10 and boy oh boy it’s really 10 out of 10 winners that Paul the Octopus  have predicted, believe it or not? It has already been proven.

I said but octopus which are color blind have 10 tentacles but in this case the unique peripheral nervous systems embedded in the eight (8) tentacles only the other 2 were not connected to it’s brain. Read here

Then it should be called “Augustpus” recalling the month of August (8). What about that Paul Augustus? I ask “Augustus” who? Well many have heard of him in Malaysia i guess…..oh i see, that guy, i thought he was the icon of a certain sweet company?….no no no….his favourite word was “irrelevant”.


This Paul predicted all the wrong judgement unlike the one kept in an aquarium in Germany but too bad the Germans have turn that one into their delicacy and new dish. This one here is non-halal, cannot be eaten even dead or alive….i said smilingly.

He said ya man, that one uses the 2 tentacles that are not connected to the brains no wonder most of his judgements were frivolous and irrelevant….ha ha ha ha. i finished up my drink and walk away….giggling all the way home and ask myself, do you believe in “re-incarnation”???

p/s this post has nothing to do with those still living or dead and no pun intended or whatsoever and was entirely fiction left for individual imaginations only.


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