Cow head demo fined RM1000….how much if it’s a Pig head?

I suddenly have my blood temperature rising after reading this in Malaysia Today and The Malaysian Insider.

The Dirty Dozen Cowheads :

  1. Ahmad Mahayuddin Abd Manaf, 36
  2. Ibrahim Sabri, 42
  3. Eyzva Ezhar Ramly, 31
  4. Mohd Azmir Mohd Zain,35
  5. Ahmad Suhairi Zakaria, 30
  6. Mohd Hilmi Ni, 40
  7. Jainudin @ Zainudin Md Yusuff, 67
  8. Mohd. Jurit Ramli, 39
  9. Mohammad Nordin Zakaria, 56
  10. Jamil Mohamad Isa, 40
  11. Rahimuddin Md. Harun, 39
  12. Azhari Shaari, 39.

By Dina Zaman, The Malaysian Insider

As a Muslim and Malaysian, I feel ashamed and very sad. I also know by my self-imposed campaign to tell any and everyone that Islam is a religion of peace and justice may be met with great cynicism by non-Muslims.

JULY 27 — Eyzva Ezhar Ramly’s one week imprisonment for being part of the cow-head protest last year is a slap on the wrist, for him and others who were also part of the protest. Four others were discharged after they pleaded not guilty to the charges and when the deputy public prosecutor decided not to press any further against them.

this boy escaped?

This, unfortunately, tells us Malaysians this: you can commit a crime, disrupt peace and harmony in this country, and get away with very minimal punishment. And sadly, this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

Read more here…

Just a rm1000 fine? shit, i’m paying more than this for speeding at the highways or more interest when i delayed in my loans or credit cards.

It really makes me feel like carrying and stepping on a pig head in front of the PWTC and just pay the fine of rm1000 and at least i feel better and satisfied this way.

how much will this cost?

I wonder how much will it cost me if i were to carry and stepped on a Pig head like this in Malaysia?

Maybe the judge can help me on this?


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