Malaysians choice…money or this?

Time flies, it’s August now and this month Muslims of all races will be fasting from the 11th onwards and Malaysians will be also celebrating at the end of the month for their 53rd National day…..Merdeka Day.

What if you, as a Malaysian, you were  given a choice to choose from the two items below…….which will you choose?

Ask yourself sincerely and choose the items you think will give you more satisfaction.




Answer :

1)  Money : You are APNO/BN’s supporter.

2) The other : You are a fighter for Pakatan Rakyat.

3) BOTH : You are a REAL Malaysian.

Take the money cos it is our money then vote them OUT cos they do not care about the People and the Country. If we have a better choice why not? This was proven in the last General Election where many take the money and vote them out…..we can do it again next election and this time the result should be better.

Do you and your future generation wants to live in a fair and well managed Country with less if not non-corrupted ministers?


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