Unlawful Police or Citizen?

Well ISA was to many right thinking People and Muslims are “HARAM” according to Muslims, any person jailed without trial is against the Islamic teaching. Thus making the Rakyat “MARAH” when spelled backwards.

What about those people who supported ISA? Are they really practising what they preach? We have read many cases of people being thrown into Kamunting without giving them a trial or chance to defend themselves in this so called “democratic” Country like Malaysia. Families being broken, children being deprived of their father and neighbours who are not aware that it is this “draconian Law” that their neighbour are jailed and are NOT criminals and shy away from being friendly to his children and family. Some even labelled this people “criminals” when they knew that their fathers were actually spending time in jail because of ISA.

Remembered very well that the former Home Minister even have the cheek to tell us that they are thrown in Kamunting for their own “protection”. He was even voted in as an MP in Johore and i wonder what is his voters think about him or maybe they voted without thinking or being blinded by money?

Why NOT the police allow these peaceful people to spend just 15-20 minutes for this peaceful candle light vigil? BUT they chose to rough it out with these peaceful people for hours and until the next day as though our streets are basically “crime free”.

If they do that, many will thanked them and thus will slowly but surely gain back the trust of the People.

But too bad, because of some politicians, they have to act upon orders given by the higher “authorities” and when asked they themselves are in a blank or dare not even disclose who gave them the order.

Police force in Malaysia should not use the word “Diraja” which really bring shame to the Royalties without knowingly they are infact “raja DiJalan” arresting candle wielding people, people wearing black or yellow Tees BUT those parading cow head on the street are just fined rm1000.00 and even 4 pleaded NOT guilty were released without further questioning.

That is how brave and loyal our police force were sworn in to do in Malaysia.


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