This is a true incident, not making up story.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=193647&id=714713358

ala "Anwar" black eyed 70 year old man

I’m going to translate to you what the victim family’s member said.

Steven’s Corner in Overseas Union Garden (OUGOld Klang Road (click forlocation) is just beside our warehouse. Every evening, they (refers to Steven’s Corner) will arrange 3 tables and chairs in front of our warehouse. We (refers to the victim’s family) told them before that we are not closed yet, they are obstructing our loading and unloading works. But they ignore us. Sometimes, we have to ask for their permission before we remove their tables and chairs.

Around 8pm last night (refers to the night that incident happened), my father-in-law (the old man) wanted to load some inventories like usual. And as usual, tables and chairs were put at the front of the warehouse, and there were diners occupied the seats. My father-in-law asked these diners to switch to other tables, so that he can load the inventories.

However, Steven’s Corner “Big Boss” saw this and approached my father-in-law, questioned the old man why he removed these tables and chairs. My father-in-law took 3 punches unable to defend himself. The workers along with the old man immediately informed Say Kek (refers to the writer’s husband, I guess..) and my brother-in-law.

Upon their arrival, they saw their father fallen on ground. How can an old man ages 60 somethings can endure the impact of the punches? The hooligan (refers to Steven’s Corner owner) threatened to kill them, with a cleaver (kitchen knife) holding in his hand. Luckily people who work in Steven’s Corner held the hooligan back before anything worse could happen.

A Chinese man with spectacles arrived and said:”I’m the one who look after this place, what are you doing here!?” Haha, could you believe that even a mamak stall needs protection! The Big Boss Hooligan (it’s written here, I just translate) warned us, they would not be imitated or scared even if we call police, but we have to be careful, maybe he will burn down our shop. What the world has become? Has the road become Jalan Steven’s Corner?!

Police and YB Teresa Kok arrived shortly. Kok was informed with the story, my father-in-law was sent to Hospital Universiti Malaya while the attacker (Steven’s Corner owner) was detained. Kok left her subordinate with us and went to a meeting herself. The police on duty did not leave, maybe they were expecting media and press, otherwise they must be long gone. I reckon if Kok was not there, the police will most probably let the hooligan go. Steven’s Corner is installed with CCTV, the police can check the video recorded for the whole incident, but they did not do so.

On the other hand, my father-in-law arrived in UMMC (University Malaya Medical Centre) around 9pm, and finished his body checkup around 1pm. I have to “salute” the hospital for its efficiency! After the body checkup, we went to police station to lodge report. The Chinese man with spec was already there. I felt happy for a second because I really thought the hooligan was detained. We realized that the four-eyes (refers to the Chinese man with spec) knows the polices on duty very well.

While my father-in-law was lodging report, we discovered that the hooligan was in a waiting room! I thought he was supposed to be in “lokup”? Why he was sitting there like nothing happened? The waiting room has air-con, tv, sofa.. and he can still make phone calls! What is wrong with this world?!

The police officer asked my father-in-law to go into the waiting room. It turned out to be our judicious police asked my old and beaten up father-in-law to agree on a conciliation! What the hell! Is money really everything? Is there not more justice? Being attacked and we should act like nothing has happened? My father-in-law of cause left the room without second thought.

Today, YB Teresa Kok arranged a press conference, urging the police force to not connive violence, and demanding for justicehoping someone can stop this criminal from becoming worse. My father-in-law is a highly respected person in OUG! He is not only the member of BOD of SJK(C) Yoke Nam, he also owes a ceramic business, and actively participating in social activities.

The news will be on newspaper for tonight and tomorrow. I hope we can all unite and boycott Steven’s Corner!!!

Steven’s Corner, we have the right to say “No” to these kind of unethical people by rejecting their business.


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