“Merdeka” kah mereka ini?

Today Malaysia is celebrating her 53rd National Day….but sad it wasn’t like those days when we have countdowns and mixed crowd of different races, cultures, religions and all smiling and strolling in town squares, by the sea sides and even kampong are filled with colourful bulbs.

But to some unlucky ones, they don’t even feel the difference as they have been living their daily lives like this…….

The small shag of an UMNO’s voter.

This is the Home to the Zakaria’s family somewhere of Gambang, Pahang, ironically was the state of the present UMNO’s PM. Yet till today after 53 years of BN/UMNO’s ruling, the people who voted for them still live life this way……it really spoils my mood to celebrate this Merdeka 2010……what 2010?….and Malaysians are still living in this condition?……i thought i was having a nightmare but i’m not…..this is for real.

Merdekakanlah mereka dulu sebelum kita Merdekakan Negara ini.

the Zakaria Deros mansion.

The huge mansion of UMNO’s crony.

P/S : Same name, Zakaria……. but different fake.


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