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Why should MCA interfere with Utar?

October 9, 2010

Human nature is such that there are two kinds of human behaviour when it comes to charity – the pretentious and the altruistic donor. I have always doubted the sincerity of those who give to charity by proclaiming it under the flashbulbs of press photographers. In these amusing photo ops, you see the donors posing with an enormous mock cheque to emphasize the size of the donation. If you’re truly charitable, why not dispense with the fanfare and write the amount on a normal cheque?

Having said this, I can now tell you about the truly altruistic gesture of philanthropist Koon Yew Yin. He made an offer of RM30 million, quite gratuitously, for the building of hostels for University Tunku Abdul Raman (Utar) students in Kampar.

Ever since the university was founded, its students have had to find their own accommodation outside campus. In many cases, they have to pay exorbitant rents far beyond the means of poor or even middle- class students.

The generosity of Koon was brought to my attention by the unflattering headline ‘Tycoon wanted seat on council’ in theSun (Sept 3, 2010). The article’s sub-headline was ‘Koon also wanted Utar residential village named after him, says MCA division chief’.

The MCA division chief in question, Ipoh Timur’s Thong Fah Chong, had said Koon’s requests were not acceptable as they had “exceeded the university’s jurisdiction and [could be] deemed an interference in the management of the university”. Thong added that hostels could not be named at one’s whim and fancy.

In his immediate response, Koon countered that although it was correct that while the facility was to be named after him, what he had specified was that the hostel blocks should be named after the fundamental rights such as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Freedom, or the qualities of integrity such as honesty, justice, etc.

Koon also categorically denied he had ever requested a seat on the Utar council, clarifying instead that he had agreed to Utar’s counter-proposal for a task force to oversee the construction of the hostels.

He said his requests, including for a seven-man task force (four from Utar and three to be nominated by him) to oversee the construction of the hostels, and for all construction contracts exceeding RM10,000 to be open to competitive tenders, were to ensure everything was done in the interest of the students. He said it was not meant to interfere with the management of the university.

It’s common practice

One may ask, why should the Ipoh Timur MCA division chief Thong Fah Chong (left) criticize the well-meaning and generous offer of RM30 million by a good Samaritan?

Thong even questioned the motive of Koon for his offer of substantial financial assistance to Utar. He accused Koon of wanting to sit on the council of the university. This is a false accusation. It is not true because Thong has admitted that “late last year he had … arranged for the philanthropist to meet the then president of the MCA … but he was not aware of what transpired at the meeting apart from the request”.

If he was unaware of what took place at the meeting, then how could he say that Koon wanted to sit on the university council?

Furthermore, why should a member of the MCA interfere with an offer of a donation to the university?

Should it not be left to the university to accept or not accept the offer without having to cast aspersions on the motive of the donor? If you must refuse the offer, surely it is polite to refuse it graciously? But the way it has been handled by Thong as the representative of the MCA has reflected badly on the upbringing of the man as well as on the sincerity of the association.

Not surprisingly, Koon has now withdrawn his offer? Can you blame him? Anyone in Koon’s shoes would have done the same thing.

A celebrated English lawyer of the 18th century, William Blackstone, was the first Vinerian Professor of Law in Oxford University, as was the renowned Geoffrey Cheshire later. The law professorship was named after a certain Mr Viner who had endowed on Oxford a large sum of money.

For his offered RM30 million, Koon did not even ask for a professorship to be named after him. All he asked was for any eventual profits from the hostel rental in future to be overseen by a foundation in his name, and for this foundation to disburse scholarships and other forms of assistance to Utar students.

And what is so wrong for the donor to establish a foundation in his name to oversee the utilization of his donation? Alfred Bernhard Nobel, 1833-96, Swedish chemist, engineer, and philanthropist – noted for his invention of dynamite (1866) – is a household name today for his bequest to the foundation awarding the Nobel prizes.

But in Malaysia, Utar and MCA vilified Koon for demanding accountability and transparency in how the university and its authorities from the political party would manage his RM30 million. Their action sinks my opinion of the MCA to an even lower level.

Students become innocent victims

After I retired from the bench in the year 2000, I returned to Ipoh. Here I met Thong who became a friend. Later I befriended Koon during the height of the Perak constitutional crisis of 2009.

Today I have lost respect for my erstwhile friend Thong because he tried to gain political mileage by vilifying poor Koon, an unpretentious retired engineer whose only sin – if you can call that a sin – is to offer RM30 million to build hostels for students.

Koon earned my respect and admiration because he was concerned with the plight of the thousands of students who face the uncertainty of not being able to find decent lodgings and having to pay extortionate rents to unscrupulous landlords besides. Since Utar students must seek accommodation outside campus, the private house owners in the vicinity have taken advantage of the situation.

If you’ve been reading the Ipoh Echo – a fortnightly free newspaper – you will have noticed that for several months now the paper carries an advertisement of Koon Yew Yin’s offer of scholarships to poor students.

Koon has given scholarships to about 70 deserving students for the last three-and-a-half years and most of them are studying in Utar. The only repayment required of the recipients is their word — a promise that when they’re financially secure after graduation, they will in turn help other poor students.

Just for this year alone, the Koon Yew Yin scholarships are worth a total RM1 million, of which some three-quarters of the sum has been approved to those applicants who passed their interviews. This itself is a large amount of money to be coming from a single Malaysian individual, and furthermore one who does not bond the students to work for him.

Yet there are some people in politics – in the MCA for instance – who are wary or envious of the unpretentious and well-meaning millionaire.

There is really more to why Utar and its political masters did not accept the donation of RM30 million from Koon, but I won’t dwell on the matter here.

But perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from the withdrawal of Koon’s offer more than one year after it was made.

With these dubious episodes occurring, you can understand why I choose to be apolitical. But for the young students who have nothing to do with politics and the parents who have to worry about their children’s living environment the first time away from home, it is a disappointing lesson learned with some sad poignancy.

I think MCA is a joke….why so quiet on this?

You be the judge….for our children’s future.


UMNO caught lying AGAIN !!!

September 11, 2010

Once a liar always a liar….and it’s proven again, they lied!

During the last few days of Ramadan Month when the Muslims are fasting, it was supposed to be a Holy month but yet again some Muslims are willingly spewing lies after lies just to make themselves some cheap publicity in the news. Sad these Muslims do not respect their own followings but yet when non-Muslim invited to a Mosque by the nazir of the Mosque they make hell for them….and plenty of police reports….calling them “hina” Agama Islam.

See what they wear “officially” and what their leaders says.

UMNO & Perkasa Logo on their official shirt.

Rabu lalu, mesyuarat BN di Putrajaya memutuskan untuk memisahkan dirinya dari PERKASA kerana aktiviti pertubuhan itu boleh menjejaskan usaha BN untuk mendapatkan sokongan bukan Melayu. Sejumlah pemimpin BN yang menghadiri mesyuarat tersebut, telah menyatakan keraguan terhadap PERKASA dan mendesak Umno menyatakan pendiriannya terhadap pertubuhan tersebut.

Parti Cinta Malaysia menyokong tindakan pemimpin Umno memisahkan diri mereka daripada Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA). Naib presidennya, Huan Cheng Guan berkata orang dan individu yang berfikiran waras sepatutnya menjauhkan diri daripada pertubuhan pimpinan ahli parlimen Pasir Mas, Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

“Kepimpinan Umno mesti mengarahkan wakil rakyatnya dan ketua bahagiannya supaya tidak menyertai aktiviti anjurah PERKASA dan menganggotai jawatankuasanya,” kata Huan yang juga bekas naib presiden Gerakan.

Berikutan itu, Setiausaha agung Umno, Datuk Tengku Adnan Mansor kemudian berjanji kepada rakan-rakan BN bahawa parti itu tidak akan memberi sokongan kepada PERKASA ataupun IbrahimPERKASA, yang mendakwa mempunyai 50,000 ahli, ditubuhkan selepas pilihanraya umum 2008 selepas pilihanraya dalam usaha untuk melindungi hak-hak berperlembagaan orang Melayu.

Ramai ahlinya adalah dari Umno. Benarlah kata orang, kewujudan PERKASA adalah satu bebanan ‘maha’ berat kepada Umno.. kehadirannya ternyata membuatkan Umno tidak selesa, selain membuktikan Umno gagal dalam membela hak Melayu/bumiputra (cakap je lebih)..

Tanggunglah sendiri wahai pemimpin dan penyokong Umno.. berani keluar statement (konon nk tunjuk tidak ada kaitan dgn PERKASA), so berani lah tanggung… selepas satu persatu bala menimpa.. mula mula kompenan BN dah beri ‘warning’, diikuti Parti Cinta Malaysia pula beri pukulan maut…
Umno kini hanya ada dua pilihan, sama ada menurut ‘titah’ parti2 kompenan BN dan Parti Cinta Malaysia, iaitu dgn memboikot segala aktiviti PERKASA sebagai membuktikan kata2nya, atau membuat U-turn dgn mengumumkan akan menyokong PERKASA..

Tidak pelik selepas ini, Umno akan berpecah kpd dua kumpulan, iaitu satu kumpulan yg cenderung kpd PERKASA/Ibrahim Ali/Tun Mahathir, dan satu kumpulan lagi yang menyampah dan meluat kepada team PERKASA tadi yg menjunjung gagasan 1Malaysia Najib, antaranya Khairy Jamaluddin dan Nazri Aziz…

May i ask, who is lying? UMNO or Perkasa? Najis or Ibrahim Ali? Tengku Adnan or Dr M?

looks like UMNO melayus are trying to cheat the Malaysian Malays again.

Selamat Hari Raya Malaysia 2010.

September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin…To all my Muslim friends and families…….semoga semua diKampung sihat2 belaka.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

“Merdeka” kah mereka ini?

August 31, 2010

Today Malaysia is celebrating her 53rd National Day….but sad it wasn’t like those days when we have countdowns and mixed crowd of different races, cultures, religions and all smiling and strolling in town squares, by the sea sides and even kampong are filled with colourful bulbs.

But to some unlucky ones, they don’t even feel the difference as they have been living their daily lives like this…….

The small shag of an UMNO’s voter.

This is the Home to the Zakaria’s family somewhere of Gambang, Pahang, ironically was the state of the present UMNO’s PM. Yet till today after 53 years of BN/UMNO’s ruling, the people who voted for them still live life this way……it really spoils my mood to celebrate this Merdeka 2010……what 2010?….and Malaysians are still living in this condition?……i thought i was having a nightmare but i’m not…..this is for real.

Merdekakanlah mereka dulu sebelum kita Merdekakan Negara ini.

the Zakaria Deros mansion.

The huge mansion of UMNO’s crony.

P/S : Same name, Zakaria……. but different fake.

A Successful Malaysian Chinese Begged to come back by Government.

August 28, 2010

This is a very good and
inspirational story of a motivated Chinese man in

Posted by Sii Hoi Chan, he lives
in Kenyalang

I was 18 in 1997, I came home
half completed my high school in England because my
father was bankrupted.
He was a contractor, bankrupted because the licensee,
Taib’s uncle defaulted on paying royalty to the
Government.  Pocketed all the money my father gave.

Taik Mahmud

Together with 6 of my friends we went to Komat in Sama
Jaya to look for jobs as they only required MCE. To
help out the family.

The HR lady was an Iban, on our turn she refused to
give us application forms and demanded our qualifications.
Without even understanding us, we were turned away. On
further enquiry from us, she said, the 250 posts were
all filled. It was 10.25 am and the application counter
just opened at 9.30 am. Asked the guard to show us out.
Komat repeated publication for the posts for another
week. We went back again and again were rejected. This
time she asked us to look for jobs in China.

My uncle promptly help the six of us to look for jobs
from his contacts. Ironically, we all ended up in
Shenzhen China, working in a micro circuit board plant.
We were trained by some American to be testers as we
know English. We did well, so well that within 4 years,
we developed a special test using Argon emission from
induced current. Testing the board even more thoroughly
and 40+ times the efficiency we were doing.

After a few months of trial, the company decided to
subcontract all their circuit board testing to us using
the new testing system and they got the test done at a
fraction of the cost doing it manually.

Within 3 years, we are testing all the circuit board of
all the companies in Shenzhen then.


We spread to include contracts in a lot of companies
of China, US, Germany and Finland.

We now employ 7600 people and 1600 from Sarawak. Bumiputra
or non-bumiputra who made the grade we are after.

Why I am writing this?

Today my company has been operating in Penang for 6
months. We are employing 200 people.

I was conducting interviews for senior staff for the jobs.

One of the people that came in for the interview was the
same Iban lady from Komat 10+ years ago. The lady who
turned me away. The lady who told me I was not eligible
for the job. The lady who told me the posts were filled
when yet to select the first applicant of 250 and the
lady who asked me to go to China to look for a job.

I had the satisfaction to tell her all these if I
wanted to. Instead I listened to all her talk about how
great she had done in her former employment and now she
was out on a huge VSS. How well she will do for me with
her experience and how much she would like to work for a
Chinese boss. She said she is the daughter of an
influential bumiputra man and her husband is doing
well in business. I let her rave on with her diatribe.

Finally, when she realised she the one doing all the
talking and I was not even asking questions, she

Finally I said, I know her. She was shocked, for now I
was properly suited up and not in T-shirt and jeans
like the first time we met.

I simply said I like to thank her for asking me to go
back to China to look for work. I did, I made it and
what she is seeing today and the brochure I placed
infront of her is in fact the SUCCESS from disgust and
disappointment of being a Malaysian Chinese!!

She was murmuring to herself. I told her, she will get
a job from me but not as the senior HR, not as the
assistant HR but as an assistant to the assistant HR.
She was shocked, happy and almost cried. Then she
confessed that her husband was a bankrupt and her 3 children
had to be in the care of her sister.

I told her, she meant nothing to me, her race meant
nothing to me and what she had done also meant nothing
to me. The insults, the frustrations and the anguish of
a young man trying to help his father. I told her she
would be  treated like everyone. She must get her job
done or she’d be out like anybody. I told her, I do
not care for YBs, bumi policies or business
opportunities in Malaysia. I do not need Malaysia.


Justin Hong

Justice in China vs Justice in Malaysia.

August 26, 2010

Sometimes we should not be talking too much of politics and just share with ourselves some good laugh. They always say laughter is the best medicine but i was wondering also if laughter can cure our headaches filled with gutter politics here in Malaysia.

In China, there was once upon a time a famous judge who was very well respected for all his judgement and prosecution on any crimes committed. Unlike in Malaysia, we have “kangaroos” giving out orders and judgements as though they are the King of the Jungles, thus making the people losing all their trust in Malaysian Courts. Some even have to leave the Country and self exile for the fear of being thrown in jail without trail at all. Even though he or she knows that even with a trail, he’ll be thrown in jail by the Judges whom are specially “picked” by just a phone call and everything will be…correct, correct, correct or to be corrected !!!

Below are the comparison of what Justice should be in Malaysia and China.

In China, they have the famous Justice Pao or “Pao Ching Thean”….

Top : Pao Ching Thean.

and in Malaysia, we should have this guy…….

Ka Pao Singh Thean

Ladies and gentleman, introducing KarPal Singh Thean ( formerly known as Pao Ching Thean)……Make sure you vote him in next GE!!!

thanks to a fellow blogger in FB who accidentally gives me this idea of Pao Ching Thean and KarPal Singh Thean…..”Thean” in mandarin means heavenly.

Exposed : UMNO using Islam for their political survival.

August 24, 2010

Another double standard treat by APNO or abused of Islam to “fitnah” Pakatan Rakyat’s government in Penang?

The Opposition party in Penang have been trying to use whatever they can grab to frame and smear the good Government of Penang under the charge of DAP’s CM Lim Guan Eng for the past weeks.

One such incident was a lonely Pak Ali who are not aware that his kampung was being demolish by the Federal Govt. and NOT the Penang Govt. If it was the Penang Government’s fault, i think it’s gong to be a huge demo instead of just 1 lonely man…..same as the chineseman who droused himself with “petrol” but forgot to bring along the lighter in Komtar and 2 so called “PAS men” who jumped in front of CM LGE’s car but was taken away or maybe being escorted home safely by the police.

yg mana satu halal dan haram?

Regards to the bacaan Doa using LGE’s name instead of the Agung’s was make a political issue by APNO and a couple of police reports have been made.

Najis "DOA" untuk seorang bukan Islam diMasjid.

I ask “Why the double standard?”….why didn’t they make a police reports against Najis the APNO PM for citing the same thing on an Indian candidate for the P094 Hulu Selangor by-election?

See how APNO have to use the Islamic Religion to hide their crazed for power and to win back Penang but due to the fact that melayu mudah lupa, they forgot that the did pray or “Doa” for a Non-Muslim in Hulu Selangor too.

Like the Malays use to say “Ibarat seperti meludah keLangit, kemudian terkena muka sendiri”….ha ha ha

Read the full report here.

Oh my God, another racist principal in school?

August 20, 2010

Now, Kedah school principal accused of racism.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 — A Kedah school head was accused of racism today just as Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ordered investigations into a Johor school principal who allegedly spewed racist slurs at her Chinese and Indian students last week.

Kedah Gerakan chief Dr Cheah Soon Hai highlighted today a Sungai Petani secondary school head who allegedly told her Chinese pupils to “return to China”, urging the Najib administration to take disciplinary action.

The Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Bukit Selambau headmistress was said to have accused the Chinese pupils of being insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during the fasting month of Ramadan last Friday, and ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races.

“Making statements such as passengers (penumpang) of the country are totally unwarranted,” Cheah said in a statement.

“Schools are places for learning and such degradable and disparaging words from a school principal should not be condoned at all,” he added.

Cheah joined the growing chorus of students, parents and politicians from both sides of the divide who are pushing Putrajaya to act quickly and firmly against such school heads to show the government does not tolerate racism.

The Kedah case is the second reported incident this year involving school heads.

Earlier this week, the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in Johor was instructed to take leave by the state Education Department following some 20 police reports lodged by students accusing her of making derogatory remarks against Chinese and Indian students.

The students claimed Siti Inshah Mansor had called them “passengers” and likened the Hindu students wearing prayer threads to dogs.

In his first remarks about the case, Muhyiddin said he has directed Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom to set up a committee to investigate the matter. Alimuddin had earlier said it was a misunderstanding that had been resolved.

“We want to get the real facts. As of now the reaction is very emotional but we must be fair and have the correct information before we can decide on what steps to be taken. This is because there have been many conflicting statements,” the deputy prime minister told a press conference.

He added that disciplinary action against the principal will decided when the complete report is ready.

The police are currently investigating the Johor case under section 504 of the Penal Code for provocation which carries a maximum imprisonment of two years, a fine or both.

It gives me a nightmare when they wanted to have only national schools in Malaysia when they have this type of racist principal in schools.

I think it’s better for Malays to send their children to SJK (Cina) rather than the Chinese sending their children to national schools (sekolah kebangsaan)….what do you think?

A “Hajjah” Racist – Principle in school?

August 17, 2010

Photo of this racist “Hajjah” Siti Ishak bte Mansor.


Left : The Racist "Hajjah"


KULAIJAYA: Police are investigating a school principal who allegedly used racist remarks against non-Malay students during a Merdeka celebration at the school here recently.


Kulaijaya deputy OCPD Asst Supt Mohd Kamil said police had received 12 reports against the principal since Saturday and that the case was being investigated under Section 504 of the Penal Code.

Over 50 parents and students had lodged the reports against the principal, who allegedly described the non-Malays as “penumpang” (passengers) in the country during her speech at the start of the celebration on Aug 12.

“I was shocked that my principal had used such a word against non-Malay students in our school.

“This is not the first time that she had made racist comments against Chinese and Indian students in our school,” said 17-year-old student Brevia Pan.

She added that the principal, who joined the school early this year, would only target Chinese and Indian students.

“During the Merdeka celebration, she had told non-Malay students to go study in a Chinese school or go back to China,” she told reporters in a press conference organised by Senai assemblyman Ong Kow Meng.

Another student, Ashvini Thi-na karan, 17, said many Malay students were influenced by the principal’s remarks and made similar comments and called them names.

“Before she came to my school, all the students got along well,” she said. Her father R. Thinakaran, 47, said this was a serious matter and that principals should not behave like this.

“This principal has caused racial disharmony at the school,” he said, adding that if no action was taken, he would take his daughter out of the school.

Ong called for stern action against the principal, adding that such school heads and educators would affect the minds of students.


is she really a "Hajjah"?

police report lodged in Kulai, Johore by the students.


police report

We need more people like this “Hajjah” in Johore or rather the whole of Malaysia to help Pakatan Rakyat to win votes for the next GE which will be crucial for our next generation’s education.

Do you really want a “Hajjah” like this to educate our children?

If NOT then vote wisely next GE.



A “Malay” name Pig in Malaysia.

August 15, 2010

Tee bin Abdullah (Tee = Pig in Hokkien)

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 — Controversial Mingguan Malaysia columnist Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah continued his weekly diatribe against non-Malays, saying today that minorities who cannot respect the special position of Islam and the Malays should return to their homeland.

The Muslim convert also sneered that Malaysia should be renamed “Cinasia” or “Indiasia” if every demand by non-Muslims was accommodated when commenting on Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) columnist Helen Ang’s recent piece “Enforcing NEP on minority religions.”

“Will the practice of prayer (doa) cause the heart of the non-Muslims to melt and embrace Islam? She really (Helen Ang) hates Islam. Prayer (doa) is part of the Malay Muslim culture.

“Why would we want to delete all of our identity for merely wanting to accommodate others. If that’s the case, just change the name of Malaysia to Cinasia or Indiasia. How strange it is this species, never cease trying to challenge the position of Islam and Malays,” he wrote in his Sunday column headlined “Jangan terlalu berani mencabar” (Don’t be so brave to challenge).

In her piece, Ang questioned why non-Muslim religious societies were banned in national schools.

Ang added that the restriction on non-Muslim fellowship in schools has stopped many Chinese parents from sending their children to national schools.

“If I were a mother, I would never wish to subject my vulnerable child to a bellicose environment where my race, and the traditions and faith beliefs I’ve imparted to my son or daughter are disparaged,” she said.

In response, Tee said that the country does not want Ang’s children, whether legal or illegitimate, a favourite line he continually implies about the Chinese.

“She does not need to send her ‘children’ (if any were legitimate) to national school, if she is not confident with the national school or she is scared that her ‘children’ will become Malays. Her ‘children’ are not needed here.

“Just send her ‘children’ to schools in her homeland or overseas. The presence of ‘children’ are not needed here,” he said in a personal attack on Ang, who has also had two police reports lodged against her over her article.

Tee also said that Ang should migrate to the West if she is obsessed with their culture.

“I suggest that she migrate to another country, if this country does not provide her with any freedom. She should go to her country of origin or to the West because there is more ‘freedom’ there to build the biggest church and the highest statue in the world and have vernacular schools as well as having free sex.

“I do not think that she is proud of her ancestors because she prefers to use a white man’s name even though her eyes are sepet,” he said.

Tee stressed that non-Muslims should be grateful because the Malays have been very tolerant.

Read more here.

Tee's ancestors grave.

Tee means “pig” in Hokkien dialect (no pun intended) it leaves one wondering when this Malaysian Chinese convert is more Malay than the Malays when one converts to a Muslim in Malaysia, another fine example from the Indian Muslim from Kerala.

I wonder if he still goes back to his parents home to celebrate Chinese New Year? or maybe his parents have left this country for China already?

read here … open letter to Tee